1 Day in Verona, Italy

On my way back to Milan from Venice, I stopped at the half way point in the charming town of Verona, Italy. This Italian city may be most famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Although entirely fictional, many lovers still flock to this romantic town for its wondrous history, great ruins, and Renaissance style architecture.

After hopping off the train, I checked my luggage and walked through the town on foot. My first stop was at Piazza Bra. The first thing that will stick out to you is the massive Arena. This Roman amphitheater may be even more impressive than Rome’s famous Colosseum. It was built in the first century, but preserved better than the one in Rome.  You can purchase a ticket that will let you explore the entire amphitheater on your own.

Next, I followed the road down to Via Mazzini. this street is lined with luxury shopping and eateries. After wandering this street for awhile, I eventually ended up in Via Cappello, where the famous Casa di Giulietta lies in a small courtyard off the side of the road. You will notice the walls and gates are filled with the graffiti, lockets, and letters of lovers who have visited the house. The house itself has been turned into a museum, which you can enter to admire the 12th-century reminiscent props, costumes, or even stand on her balcony. Keep in mind, the courtyard may be full of tourists.

Do not overlook the castle grounds of the impressive Castelvechhio of Verona. Built in 1355, you can visit it’s 7 towers and tour the buildings of the grounds to see its unique architecture, art, and other artifacts.

Even if you only have a half a day, you can see many of Verona’s incredible sites. Although if you have the time, I would suggest a longer stay as there is much more to see!